Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Day of Wild Self-Promotion

In a very busy day for me, I did a lot of self-promoting. I answered email to confirm three different auditions over the next two weeks. (Three!) Two of them are for companies that I know, but one was an invitation from a director based on a reference from another filmmaker. I always know that auditioning for every student film I can find will come in handy, so I just keep trying to get my face out there. This will all work like gangbusters, until I get a certain number and a certain card that signifies my entry into the S-A-G. Then all bets are off, but at least the money (might) roll in.

The biggest push of the self-marketing day was a long-overdue update to the website. Two new project pages were added completely, and the page for E.D.E.N. was improved and updated. I encourage everyone to surf over and check it out. And not just because it will improve my site statistics, but because I spent a whole lot of time making it pretty frickin' cool. Seriously, it took me way too long to figure out how to embed those videos in the site, but now that they are there, it looks pretty neat. I also updated my facebook presence and made a fan page for that, and I'm trying to push my company in this new year. So go to my site:

I still need to generate a page for myself as an individual actor, but that is coming too. I certainly need new headshots and a website, but my auditions are going well at the moment. Now it might be time to move into that new market I've been thinking about.

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JParis said...

Excellent additions to RHP. Now that my name is listed on your site, I can retire (hey, do I really need a better reason to get out of the window mill?).