Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climbing my own Golden Ladder

Last night was the first rehearsal/reading for a new play that I am working on. It is a workshop process for a new script called "The Golden Ladder." I mentioned this project in a previous post and I had been looking forward to the first reading since then. Not only would I get to act by using some words, but I was excited to join some friends on another project.

When the cast list email went out a week ago, I saw a familiar name listed as the actress who was playing my wife. I met Victoria a few months ago when we were both extras working on The Last Airbender. Our paths have crossed around town repeatedly, and we have each gone to see the other in shows. We've been talking about working on something together for a while, and I'm trying to bring her into the fold with Radio Hound. I've had what you would call a professional crush on her since I met her, and now we get to work on a great script together, playing some beautifully complex and flawed characters.

The first reading went very well, and even more important than that, it was a whole lotta fun. Victoria and I anchor the first half of the play, and our scenes were crackling last night. And that was only in the first read, too! She and I have really good chemistry, and I think that our partnership is going to be a really good one. Maybe not on the Hepburn-Tracey level, but you never know...

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JParis said...

"Professional crush." RiiiiiiighT [pinky up to corner of mouth]

OK, kidding aside, that's cool that you have something to jump right into after your last gig; sorry I didn't get a chance to see it.