Friday, August 14, 2009

Some light marketing

I've updated the "Behind the Scenes" information on this blog to include some new links. First, I took off some old projects and old websites that are no longer operational. Second, I have added two different websites for the current projects I am working on.

This month, I am again directing "CDD," an original musical for the NYC Fringe Festival. The link to the show is on the right, which has all the info about performance times and performance locations. We go into the rehearsal process for it next week. The cast has spent some time in June working on the show before we lost one of our actors to another summer theatre season. So now that we get her back, the rest of the rehearsal process is about remembering what they did in June and just sharpening and polishing all of the work. It should be a smooth process, and it's just about working things through.

Also, I've recently launched the website for Radio Hound Productions. Fittingly, the web address is and it has information about the company and about all our projects. I've included some of the past films that I've produced under the banner of Radio Hound, and I'm going to post all of the upcoming "Jekyll and Hyde" production on that site. The design is still a little basic, but it is something that is up and running so that everyone can find our online presence. Which is important for any business to have.

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JParis said...

Hey Nick, sweet website! Very clean, eye-catching. Excellent way to get RHP on the web. Like the logo by the way. Stop by the mill sometime. Later!